"Because of Olive Branch Therapeutic Services, I feel empowered."

“I was able to express myself through different channels, and I didn’t feel so alone.  Molly is very professional, kind, and easy to talk to.  I will come back if needed…absolutely amazing.”

-Client Testimonial

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“Music is a language which speaks uniquely to each person and that favorite music speaks in a personal, dynamic way. It often connects way beyond talk therapy and can help someone to feel understood in ways that they may never otherwise have felt, seen or known. It relieves the sense of loneliness while building confidence, happiness, and connection. The therapist becomes a bridge between the client and others in the client’s significant world, all while helping the client to regulate and connect with himself and others.  The general public needs to know about music therapy.”


Dr. JoAnn Baird

Marriage and Family Therapist

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